Feedback from Student Editors for The Serendipity Journal

As I began writing this middle grades chapter book, I shared drafts of the chapters on Children from all over the world were invited to be my editors, and they took me up on the offer. It was an incredible journey! There are many reasons I did this. First, I love to write andContinue reading “Feedback from Student Editors for The Serendipity Journal”

Chapter Seven Continued: Susan Cautions Kip About Britt

“So, want to hang out next weekend?” Kip turned her head when she heard that question, wondering who was asking Susan. She saw Britt standing near Susan’s desk and tried to smile at her, but Britt didn’t look at Kip. Purposefully? Kip slowly closed her notebook, wondering how Susan would respond. Would she tell BrittContinue reading “Chapter Seven Continued: Susan Cautions Kip About Britt”

Mrs. Holiday and Kip are celebrating the holidays

Hello My Dear Student Editors, Mrs. Holiday and Kip along with the whole Serendipity Journal crew have decided to take a couple weeks off for the holidays. They are thrilled to rejoin you in 2019 to continue this great adventure! Please look for another chapter to be posted on Sunday, January 6th. In the meantime,Continue reading “Mrs. Holiday and Kip are celebrating the holidays”

Chapter Seven: Mrs. Holiday Writes Back

September 6, 2017 Kip, I really love your goals. When I was in college, I learned a valuable lesson about goals. The best goals are SAMIC: Simple Attainable Measurable Immediate Contingent only upon yourself Let’s look at your goals to see if they meet this criteria. So your first goal is to make at leastContinue reading “Chapter Seven: Mrs. Holiday Writes Back”

Chapter Five Continued: A New Character Introduced

Dear Student Editors, I LOVE the feedback and ideas you shared about Kip’s journal response to Mrs. Holiday. I used many of your ideas when I edited the response this weekend. This week, I want to introduce a new character to you. Here is another portion of Chapter Five: “Usually I ride Bess on SaturdayContinue reading “Chapter Five Continued: A New Character Introduced”

Chapter Five Continued: Kindred Spirits

Dear Student Editors, Thank you for your incredible feedback and ideas for Mrs. Holiday’s first note back to Kip. I used your input to edit Mrs. Holiday’s response. Specifically, many of you liked the idea of Mrs. Holiday sharing that she moved when she was in school. Additionally, many of you thought that Mrs. HolidayContinue reading “Chapter Five Continued: Kindred Spirits”

Chapter Five: Mrs. Holiday Writes Back

Kip practically ran over to the bin to grab her Serendipity Journal the next morning. Mrs. Holiday said that she spent her evening reading through what each student wrote and responding to everyone. Kip thought to herself, “I bet Mr. Holiday wasn’t too pleased!” “Okay my seventh grade friends, we will have ten minutes todayContinue reading “Chapter Five: Mrs. Holiday Writes Back”

Chapter Four: Don’t Stop Believin’

“That’s right. No prompts, just put the date at the top and then start writing. There will be a few guidelines to help us. Please don’t use other students’ names in your writing. You could give them a different name, or just use pronouns like she and he. Also, please don’t write insults or meanContinue reading “Chapter Four: Don’t Stop Believin’”