Chapter Three: The Serendipity Journal

Just when Kip thought that she couldn’t like Mrs. Holiday more, Mrs. Holiday proved Kip wrong. Mrs. Holiday ran her fingers across a small set of chimes that were placed on the corner of her desk. Its lovely sound made Kip think of rain falling gently on trees. Susan, Kip, and the rest of theContinue reading “Chapter Three: The Serendipity Journal”

Chapter Two: I Could Use a Friend

His name was Cody and Kip was sure that Cody was going to try to make this a long, long year. After Cody’s throw hit her hard in the chest, Mrs. Holiday asked the students to please throw underhand so they wouldn’t “accidentally” throw the ball too hard. Kip knew that Mrs. Holiday was tryingContinue reading “Chapter Two: I Could Use a Friend”

Chapter One: Kipalee

Kipalee was often trying to make uncomfortable situations more comfortable by making herself laugh. As she stumbled on her way into her new school, she awarded herself a gold metal…for tripping on air. “And the gold medal for tripping on air goes to…,” a voice in Kipalee’s head said as she tried to straighten upContinue reading “Chapter One: Kipalee”