The Serendipity Journal Begins

This blog is something new, something I have never done before. I am going to write an adolescent chapter book and I will be sharing the draft of the chapters here. And, children from all over the world will be my editors. I am so excited to begin this journey with you.

There are many reasons I am doing this. First, I love to write and I love to inspire children to see themselves as writers. Second, research has shown that writing and reading for an authentic purpose has a significant impact on student achievement and student engagement. Third, students are wonderful editors because they are so honest. I am writing this book for them. Who better to get feedback from?

That is my why for this unique process.

My why for writing this book dates back to my first years as a teacher. I was teaching my students about William Glasser’s Choice Theory and I dreamed of writing a realistic fiction chapter book that would teach them the concepts. That dream will be coming true, chapter by chapter, week by week. Right here. And each chapter will bring an opportunity for children to proofread, to give feedback, to ask questions, to point out errors, to show me where to elaborate, and more.

Some of what I write is autobiographical and some of it is my mom’s story. Other parts are completely fictional. As I share the chapters, I will also share some “behind the scenes” information about the section of the story.

I plan on posting new chapters on Sundays, ready in time for school on Monday. My hope is that teachers will use this process to help engage their students in reading and writing in a real and authentic way. I am not sure of my schedule yet, I would love to post weekly but that may be too ambitious. We will be working through this process and learning together.

Okay, are you ready? Ready to get started with The Serendipity Journal?

Let’s go!



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17 thoughts on “The Serendipity Journal Begins

    1. Sweet!! All the directions are in the post with the first chapter! I think students will love to read the feedback from the other students after they post their own. Thank you so much!!


      1. Allowing students to hear what other students (especially kids from other countries!) are thinking and asking is one of the primary benefits of this project in my opinion. For them to see similarities in curiosity and cognition provides a form of peer tutoring! I love that!

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  1. By:Bella and Miah
    From Mrs. Rubin’s Fourth Grade Class

    Bella: ¨Kindred spirits¨ means somebody who can relate to your attitude or your interests.

    Miah:what I think Mrs.Holiday means by serendipitous is beautiful gift

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    1. Hello Bella and Miah,
      Great job defining “kindred spirits”. As for the phrase “serendipitous gift”, it means that the move might be a happy accident full of treasures. Keep reading and responding, I appreciate hearing your thoughts!
      Mrs. Apsey


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