Chapter Eight: An Evil Plan

This is a portion of Chapter 8, and it takes place on Monday.

“So, are you still planning on this weekend?” Susan asked Kip. “I was able to sneak in a quick ride on Bess after we got home from our trip last night and it was awesome. She is such a fun horse to ride, and she is so gentle. You are going to love her!”

Kip turned to Susan but then scanned the room to see who might be watching them talk. Everyone else was busy finishing their writing or putting their journals away, so Kip relaxed and answered her new friend.

“Yes, I am really looking forward to it. My dad will be working on Saturday morning and my mom will be taking by brother to batting practice so my grandpa said that he could bring me to your barn. I gave him the address that you emailed to me. He likes to look up the directions on the computer and print them out. He is so old-fashioned!”

Susan giggled with Kip, “Great! I can’t wait for you to meet Bess! And, I can’t wait to laugh at you–it is always funny to see how people react the first time they are on a horse. They make the weirdest faces and noises and I bet you will too.” Susan distorted her face to mimic the first-time horse riders–a look of combined surprise and fright with eyes wide open and mouth shaped like an O. Kip’s chuckle turned into a roar of laughter that she stifled so she wouldn’t draw attention to them.

Unbenounced to Kip and Susan, they were being watched very closely by the two people who were conspiring to make Kip’s life miserable. And, they were getting very close to putting their plan into action.

Dear Student Editors,

This portion of Chapter Eight is foreshadowing a big event that is coming up.

  1. Who do you think was watching Kip and Susan?
  2. What do you think the two people are planning to do to make Kip’s life miserable?
  3. What questions do you still have?
  4. Did this section get you excited to learn more or leave you confused?
  5. What details do you think I should add?
  6. Did you find grammatical errors?

Please put your edits in the comments on this post. I will comment back to you and make changes to the chapter based upon your feedback. I can’t wait to learn from you!

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So fortunate to serve students and staff at Quincy Elementary in Zeeland, MI

12 thoughts on “Chapter Eight: An Evil Plan

  1. Who do you think was watching Kip and Susan?
    I think that Cody and Britt were watching them. Am I right??
    Love the book SOO much. I love where the story is heading.
    Coming from Monterrey Mexico
    – Johanna

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  2. Hello miss apsey!its been awhile since i have done this, but imma give it a shot.
    What questions do you still have?
    I think maybe add a reminder of what kip and susan look like, since its been awhile.
    Other than that, you are amazing, and keep doing what you’re doing!


    1. Hi Willa! Thank you for posting comments. I am excited to tell you that the book is nearing completion and will be published in the next couple months. I have even picked out what the cover will look like! I am so excited!! I hope you love it. Keep being your amazing self!
      Mrs. Apsey


  3. i believe that britt will be one causing drama, because, if you remember me, i inferred that when britt was introduced,she will be the drama causer in the book.

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