Chapter Seven Continued: Susan Cautions Kip About Britt

“So, want to hang out next weekend?”

Kip turned her head when she heard that question, wondering who was asking Susan. She saw Britt standing near Susan’s desk and tried to smile at her, but Britt didn’t look at Kip. Purposefully?

Kip slowly closed her notebook, wondering how Susan would respond. Would she tell Britt that she has plans to go to the barn with Kip?

“Ummm…I don’t know what I am doing yet,” Susan said. Kip’s heart fell right to her shoes.

Britt didn’t seem deterred by Susan’s response as she said, “You could come with my family to the movies. I promise I won’t eat all the popcorn this time! Let me know when you figure it out.” Britt walked back to her seat after dropping her Serendipity Journal into the bin. Kip wondered what she was writing back and forth with Mrs. Holiday.

Susan turned to Kip and whispered, “Remember how I told you that Britt and I got into a huge fight this summer and stopped being friends? Well, this is what always happens. As soon as she sees that I am making some new friends, she wants to be my friend again. I am not going to give in this time! Every time I do, she ends up saying mean things about me behind my back. She will never change.”

Kip felt reassured and breathed a sigh of relief. But that relief didn’t last long because Susan went on to give Kip a warning.

“Just be careful Kip, Britt tends to get really jealous of any new friends I make. She can be really, really mean. Especially when she teams up with Cody, they can be vicious together.”

Gulp. Kip’s head was spinning and the empowered feeling she had when she was writing to Mrs. Holiday flew out the window. “Oh boy,” Kip thought to herself as she panicked, “This is not good.” Not good at all.

Dear Student Editors,

Many of you wanted to learn more about Susan and Britt and why they aren’t friends anymore. This portion of Chapter Seven gives you some insight and I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

  1. What questions about Susan and Britt did this portion of Chapter Seven help you answer?
  2. What do you infer about what happened with Susan and Kip?
  3. What questions do you still have?
  4. Did this section get you excited to learn more or leave you confused?
  5. What details do you think I should add?

Please put your edits in the comments on this post. I will comment back to you and make changes to the chapter based upon your feedback. I can’t wait to learn from you!

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